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Making electric vehicle charging equipment accessible is just as important to helping people switch to sustainable transport as the electric cars themselves are!

To that end, we’ve partnered with Webasto EV Solutions to offer high-quality EV chargers at a discount. Add one to your order and get your electric vehicle delivered to your home with a charger in the trunk, ready to be installed.

Webasto EV Solutions TurboCord


TurboCord is the most compact and flexible Level 2 EV charger in the world. Plug-in at home for nightly recharging and take it with you for charging on-the-go. Its flexible dual charging capability means it can also use Level 1 charging from standard household outlets!

  • 16-amp Level 2 charger
  • Charges up to 3x faster than standard Level 1 cordset
  • Perfect primary charger for plug-in hybrids and urban electric vehicles
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Uses NEMA 6-20P outlet for Level 2 charging
  • Dual charging ability allows for Level 1 charging at standard outlet
  • NEMA 6P Waterproof Certified – safe for use outdoors


TurboDX is a next-generation EV charging station. It’s powerful enough to charge even the longest-range electric vehicles overnight and is incredibly easy to use. Plus, its slim and durable design makes for a great looking and safe installation, indoors or outside.

  • 32-amp Level 2 charging station
  • Charges up to 5x faster than standard Level 1 cordset
  • Perfect for long-range EVs of today and tomorrow
  • Hardwired for clean, permanent installation
  • Durable, waterproof, functional in extreme weather
Webasto EV Solutions TurboDX


Every home is different, so it’s impossible for us to provide an estimate as to how much it may cost for you to set up charging at home. We recommend contacting a certified electrician near you to provide an estimate and perform installation.

To aid them in this process, we’ve attached spec sheets for the two products here:

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