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Owners of electric or hybrid vehicles have a much lower cost to run. The fuel cost to run an EV is roughly one third the cost of a gasoline powered car.

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Electric vehicles require no oil changes and minimal maintenance. There are many fewer moving parts in EVs compared to traditional internal combustion engines with exhaust systems, starter motors, radiators, fuel injection systems and more. This, in turn, leads to fewer service visits and a lower overall cost of ownership.

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Electric vehicles have shown to be just as safe or safer than traditional vehicles. They tend to have a lower center of gravity to prevent rollovers, they’re less likely to catch fire or experience internal explosions, and their crumple zones are optimized to better absorb collisions—all of which keep occupants safer.


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Driver Fatigue
& Silence

Because internal combustion engines produce constant noise and vibrations after ignition, driver fatigue increases over longer drives. Electric motors are whisper quiet and mostly have one moving part that produces no vibrations, which leads to less fatigue and driver risk overall.


Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions. When combined with a renewable energy source for recharging such as solar panels, electric vehicles can be operated on 100% clean energy with no pollutants released into our environment. This is something that is not possible with internal combustion engine vehicles.

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