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One Year, 55,000 Miles in an EV

Jon and his 2017 Chevy Bolt

On the first anniversary of purchasing a vehicle from Current Automotive, Jon crossed the threshold of 55,000 miles driven in 365 days. That translates to 4,583 miles per month, 1,057 per week, or 211 per weekday. That’s a lot of miles in any car, but Jon did it in an electric vehicle—a 2017 Chevy Bolt….

X-Care Warranty Success Stories: Sean

When a recent customer of ours, Sean, was considering purchasing his first Tesla a few years ago, he said he worried whether the pre-owned 2013 Model S P85+ he was looking at would be difficult to repair if anything went wrong and needed to be replaced. During his research process he learned about X-Care EV…

From 2012 Model S Signature Performance to 2020 Model Y, A Tesla Early Adopter’s Perspective

2012 Model S Signature Performance and 2020 Model Y Along the Chicago Lakefront

With a depleting battery and several miles to go until a planned stop to Supercharge her Tesla, Sonja received a notification that the battery was beginning to precondition to optimize for charging, which caused her to slightly panic. “I was like Oh no! It’s going to use more energy for pre-conditioning and I’m not gonna…

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